Balance Pro, the revolution in the installation of outdoor raised floors

With the new All in One system by Impertek everything is possible

Impertek has always been strongly oriented towards technological research to improve its products. The arrival on the market of the new Balance Pro system is a perfect example of this. There are many innovations introduced in this support for raised floors, which includes all the best features of the entire PEDESTAL LINE range and adds something more. Let's get to the characteristics of this unique product. Balance Pro allows you to cover heights from 25 to 1025 mm with a single range of products. Thanks to a smart design, with only 14 items, it is in fact possible to reach any desired height. You simply have to add an extension or adjust the screw. These features allow to optimize storage spaces and logistics management in warehouses.

Another salient feature of Balance Pro is the adjustment of the height from above, using a special key, even after laying the tiles and without having to remove them. With the new Top Key it is therefore possible to increase or decrease the excursion even after installation. On the other hand, in the cases where a support is placed in the centre of the tile or in the absence of the TopKey, you can set a lock ring in the support and regulate it manually from the base.

Important improvements have also been made to the heads to make them perfectly fitting with the Balance Pro system. The concave and convex elements between the pedestal and the head allow the support surface to self-level up to a slope of 5 %, greatly facilitating the installation. In addition to this feature, the supports still guarantee a capacity load up to 1,000 Kg. The tilting movement of the head can still be locked thanks to the Fix Ring mechanism to improve the stability of the flooring in particular cases, such as in the perimeter parts or in presence of very small tiles.

For us All in One means also the support can be used with all types of flooring. Balance Pro is the first support that allows you to install tiles of any size, marble, granite, decking and, with the Rail System, it is possible to lay composite floors, simply by replacing the head and integrating the aluminium joists. The head is also equipped with the Antishock system, an interchangeable rubber shim that guarantees excellent grip between the support and the tiles.

The attention to detail that characterizes Impertek has led also to the development of a range capable of guaranteeing a total passive fire protection. Thanks to a careful selection of the best raw materials, as a matter of fact, Balance Pro V0 supports have self-extinguishing properties, which result in a reduction to a minimum of smoke and noxious fumes. Even using special materials, strength and load capacity have remained unchanged.

Speed of installation, safety, sturdiness and the possibility of configuring the support according to every need, make Balance Pro a truly revolutionary system for laying raised floors, designed to simplify the work, while guaranteeing an impeccable result.

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