Tile International N1 2022

The best installation on gravel for the best camping in Europe, Club Camping Jesolo International

Club Camping Jesolo International has been the best campsite in Europe for nine years according to Caravaning. The prestigious reward was awarded by the most important magazine dedicated to outdoor tourism based on the reviews of the guests of the structure. The award-winning five-star village is located near the lighthouse of the city of Jesolo, on the Venetian coast, and is managed by Jesolo Turismo Spa.

Camping International boasts many records in Europe: one of these is being the first zero-carbon campsite. The "CO2 Neutral" concept is fully pursued in every aspect of camping management: from electricity for the operation of swimming pools and all commercial activities as well as for air heating in residential units and service areas, to gas methane used for heating the water and for the kitchen of the restaurant, as well as fuel for the means of supply and maintenance of the structure.

The solutions adopted to reduce waste and fight pollution rely on the photovoltaic system and other high-efficiency systems, on class A appliances and on green areas realized with native plants requiring reduced irrigation. Furthermore, the campsite organizes training activities on environmental issues for its guests, uses centralized ecological islands for waste collection and encourages the consumption of natural and organic products both in the restaurant and in the supermarket available to campers.

Club Camping Jesolo International enjoys a strategic position on Jesolo coast, near the pedestrian area of the city, a focal point for entertainment and nightlife in every season, and direct links to Venice. Camping International is the first all-inclusive campsite for all its services, both internal and external to the structure: from the water park to the golf and minigolf courses, from the go-kart track to the pirate galleon, from the private beach complete with all the equipment to the brand new housing units equipped with every comfort.

In July 2021, the redevelopment of the swimming pool area was presented by the Bezdikian studio and which involved Impertek for the complete refurbishment of the flooring to improve its aesthetic performance. The aim of the entire intervention was to create an elegant environment using high quality materials and cutting-edge technological solutions while preserving the green vocation of the entire structure.

The entire area is equipped with a 1200 sqm swimming pool on which the scale replica of a 17th century Venetian galleon stands out, equipped with water cannons and 5 water slides, plus 3 whirlpools, a stage for shows equipped with cutting-edge technologies and an American style structure with motorized cover. The heat pumps and the water treatment system are powered by the photovoltaic system.

The flooring of the solarium did not need to be levelled but to be removable in case of future works and maintenance. Furthermore, it was necessary that the tiles could be drilled in correspondence with the support of the beach umbrellas, equipped with solar panels and an integrated system that allows the management of opening and closing as well as the use of the built-in safe, thanks to an RFID chip.

For the flooring, 120x60 cm ceramic tiles were used laid directly on the gravel thanks to more than 7000 pieces of 7 mm Elastic Plus with 16 mm high heads and which create 2 mm thick joints, avoiding cementing the area and thus allowing the flow of rainwater. The tiles along the edge of the pool, on the other hand, were glued to ensure greater stability and safety of the flooring. The perimeter of the swimming pool area was closed with a profile of sheet metal and white stones to delimit the passage to the green areas. It was also possible to create the access ramp with the use of supports.

The Elastic Plus supports are part of PEDESTAL LINE and are designed for installation directly in contact with the laying surface; thanks to their particular shape they are compatible with all the heads of the MegaMart series supports. They allow the optimal laying of any type of flooring, both for the use of tiles and decking, the soft and non-slip material with which they are produced always guarantees maximum stability of the finished floor.

The green philosophy and attentive to technology of Club Camping Jesolo International is perfectly combined with that of Impertek which is aimed at environmental sustainability and the quality of its products. All supports, in fact, are produced from controlled industrial plastics, recycled and recyclable again at the end of their life cycle and are the result of careful technological research that guarantees the high standards of certified Made in Italy quality.

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